More Boots from Mayura
We have increased our range of boots from the Spanish brand Mayura. We bagan stocking them when Sancho boots became increasingly difficult to obtain and have found quality of Mayura to be equel to that of Sancho. There is always a crossover between cowboy and biker boots so we try to cater for both. You will see thatt we have included a lot of new styles of biker boots which we hope you will like. They are all made in Spain to a very high standard from top quality leathers. Also include..
Cowboy Dress Shoes - 11/02/2014
Announcing today the addition of a great range of smart shoes for the stylish urban cowboy. Just look at the Cowboy Shoes page to see some fantastic footwear. If you like a Snakeskin look we have many styles for you, just click here. We want to give all our customers a great choice of footwear for all occasions.We hope you like these new styles. ..
Mayura Cowboy Boots
Mayura Cowboy Boots - 21/12/2013
Our stock of Mayura cowboy and biker is constantly increasing. These are quality Spanish made western and biker boots. These are the kind of boots that you will be happy to be seen out in. You will have that feeling of wearing a product made with love instead of something cheap. These boots are all made in Spain and don't forget that we show what is actually in stock so you can have them next day. Many websites will let you order and take your money and then tell you to wait 28 days for them. If..
Grinder Rebel Boots
Grinder Rebel Boots - 05/12/2013
Grinder Rebel Biker Boots are hard wearing comfortable and currently very fashionable.  Many high street shops are selling cheap styles but we prefer to stock good quality leather boots you will enjoy wearing. Rock and Roll.................................  ..
Biker Boots
Biker Boots - 05/12/2013
Biker boots are the hot boots on the high street at the moment and we have been selling best quality leather bike boots for years and believe we have the best quality. We currently have plenty of stock and more coming each week. Mayura are well known in Spain among bikers for manufacturing best quality leather motorcycle boots. Sancho boots are also a top Spanish boot brand we have been selling for many years and produce comfortable hard wearing bike boots in black and brown leather. Gr..
Mayura Boots Arrived
We have had our first shipment of Mayura Cowboy Boots. Second shipmentwill be coming soon. If you like the look of them please order now for end of month delivery. ..
Mayura coming soon - 05/11/2013
Mayura cowboy and biker boots are a very well respected brand from Spain. We have our first shipment due in the next week or so and we should be getting regular deliveries each week. We have listed what we think to be their best styles but we may be adding to them in the future. Most styles are available in mens and womens, both western and biker boots. Please order and your boots will come with our next delivery if it is not in stock. We have seen samples of the boots and they are equel i..
New Rock Boots
New Rock Boots - 24/08/2013
New Rock have been manufacturing an excellent and varied range of alternative boots for many years, they have graced the shelves of our Sheffield based store for just as long! Constructed in Spain, these boots are great quality and offer a cool alternative to standard looking cowboy boots. With a wide variety of unique designs, we're sure you'll find a pair you like! The most popular has often been the 7921 flame range, we have stocked this style for years and it has always proved a firm favouri..
Sancho Boots
Sancho Boots - 23/08/2013
We have been stocking Sancho boots in our Sheffield store for many many years, and more recently online. Over the last few years the popularity of Sancho boots has increased dramatically, and as one of the few UK suppliers we have provided our customers with these excellent crafted boots, offering a quality product alongside great customer service. It's not just the UK that we provide though, we have sent Sanchos around the world, often to the states and even as far out as Australia and Japan! W..
Grinders Boots
Grinders Boots - 29/06/2013
Grinders are a UK based company that manufacture high quality leather cowboy and biker boots, a cheaper alternative to some of the other brands without losing out on high quality and design. We stock a wide range of boots from Grinders, including a variety of ankle biker boots that have proved extremely popular with our customers as well as the stylish range of leather cowboy boots. With such a great selection of fantastic boots we are certian you won't be disappointed with Grinders, alongside o..