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Caring for Cowboy Boots

Caring for your leather sole boots.

Suggested Products: Sole Guard.

Most shoes and boots these days have soles made from some kind of rubber or man made material which do not require a lot of care but at the same time will have little character.
Traditionally cowboy boots had leather soles and can give you years of wear but there are a few tips that will help get the most out of them.

1. Initially we recommend that you use our sole guard that will coat the sole and give extra wear resistance. Regular repeat applications are required, once a month and after wearing in the rain.

2. If your boots get very wet, allow them to dry before wearing them again. This is most important because the leather soles of your cowboy boots will soften due to the moisture. Letting them dry thoroughly will allow the leather to harden again and be less prone to wear.

3. If possible do not wear your boots daily, wear them one day and then allow to dry the next. The best solution is to have 2 pairs, they will last much longer than if you had 2 pairs consecutively. This is true for all cowboy boots not just those with leather soles.

Remember if you care for your boots, paritcularly if they are good quality hand made boots such as Mayura or Sancho or Sendra they will last you for many years and become better fitting and more comfortable as time goes on.


Caring for Crazy/Nubuk leather boots.

Suggested Products: Nubuk Box, Combi Brush, Rustical Cream.

Many customers ask about caring for Crazy/Nubuk leather boots. First you must understand what Crazy/Crazy Horse/Nubuk is which can be found on the leather information page, but basicly it is brushed leather treated with oils to protect it. It has undergone less treatment than hard surface shiney leathers and has a rugged worn look so it will be constantly changing with wear.
It is possible to revive the look of the leather using rustical lotion, a stiff brush and a Nubuk Box. Always use the brush or Nubuk Box in the same direction to give a more uniform finish.
The brush is particularly good for removing any dirt prior to applying Rustical Lotion, we prefer the combi brush with the brass bristles but we stock one with nylon bristles if you want something softer.

1. Brushing using Nubuk Box and Combi brush, or similar.
After removing any excess dirt, brush the leather and you will notice that any marks blend together giving a more uniform look. 
The leather may have gone shiney in places often due to jeans rubbing against the boots, these areas can be treated with the Nubuk Box. Rub the area gently in one direction and the dull matte look will be restored, then brush over as with the rest of the boots.

2. Feeding the leather using Rustical lotion, or similar.
When you are happy that the leather is as even as possible you can apply the Rustical lotion. Try to apply it evenly and don't worry about the leather looking wet and darker than before. 
Apply all around the foot of the boot and part way up the shaft. If you usually wear jeans outside the boots, the shaft will not need treating as often as the foot but this is up to your discretion.
After application leave the boots to dry. The leather will be darker than before but this is natural as you have replenished the oil within the leather. As you wear the boots they will gradually dry out, lighten again, become scuffed and worn until you treat them again.

Caring for Snakeskin

Suggested Products: Collonil 1909 Leather Cream, Collonil Exotic Spray.

Remove any excess dirt from the boots with a soft clean cloth or soft brush and then gently work the 1909 cream into the scales. This cleans and conditions the scales and keeps the snakeskin in good condition. You may then apply Collonil Exotic Spray which waterproofs and helps prevent dirt penetration.