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Leather Information

Full Grain Leather is made up of the outer layer of a hide. It is the strongest leather available and can be found on anything from luggage to wallets as well as cowboy boots. This leather is prized for its strength, durability, and appearance. There are different types of tanning processes that can change the feel and look of full grain leather.


Crazy / Old Crazy / Crazy Horse Leathers are a kind of Nubuck made from full grain leather. Like suede, it is sanded and buffed to create a nap, but while suede is made from the inside of the hide, nubuck is made from the outside, which is stronger and more durable. 
Our crazy horse leathers are made by applying special purpose waxes and oils to the buffed grain surface at high temperatures which not only makes for a very water resistant leather, but a very forgiving material that should last a lifetime. The process gives the leather a deep matte finish and when the surface is rubbed the colour of the rubbed portion changes and does not reverse immediately giving a rugged worn effect. 
Your boots will at some point look scratched or dry out but can easily be revived with very little work. They should also be treated regularly with a product such as Rustical Lotion to maintain the water resistancy.
Recommended care products: Nylon Combi BrushBrass Combi Brush, Rustical Lotion, Nubuck Box.


Pull Oil leather is a full grain leather similar to Crazy Horse but it is not sanded but still packed with oils and waxes during tanning. When the leather is "pulled" (hence the name), the oils thin causing the colour to become lighter in the areas where it's been stretched, the oil returns after the pressure is released.
Despite it's name this leather has a clean dry surface and a dull matte finish but is not greasy or oily to the touch.
Recommended care products: Nylon Combi Brush, Rustical Lotion.