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Biker Boots

Biker boots generally refers to boots worn by a motorcycle rider for protection against the weather, accidents and heat from the engine and exhaust which are normally a height above the ankle and below the knee.

They are usually made from thick leather with a low heel. Many boots of this type have extra padding to absorb an impact. The traditional motorcycle boot was of plain construction with few, if any, laces or buckles that may catch on parts of the bike.

Todays biker boots come in many different styles made for different needs:

Touring bike boots are intended for road riding for long distances and so have to be comfortable and waterproof. They are typically made from a combination of leather, metal, plastic and hard rubber, possibly combined with man made fabrics to form a comfortable boot.

Racing motorcycle boots are similar to touring boots but do not need to be so comfortable for walking. They are usually shorter than other biker boots offering protection to the ankles and lower leg and to hold in the bottom of the racing suit to give a more streamlined effect. A gear change pad is usually a feature as this part gets extra wear.

Motocross boots are designed for off road use to prevent injury to the rider. They are usually almost knee high, made much stiffer than normal racing boots and in addition to leather, rubber and steel can be made of modern composite materials for extra protection. The shin is normally reinforced with steel or composites as this area is vulnerable to stones being thrown up by the front wheel.

Engineer boots are a traditional style of biker boots which originated from the engineering industry for protection in workshops and factorys. They were strong well made boots offering good protection from heat, abrasion, and the weather, ideal for motorcycling.

Harness boots are very much like engineer boots being made of black or brown leather but have a leather harness around the ankle for extra protection. This method dates back many years and was used by soldiers during the American civil war.The leather straps with steel rings were added to boots in the 1960s and with the more squared toe than the engineer boot they have become a classic.

Biker boots, motorcycle boots, engineer boots, harness boots or whatever style all serve an important purpose to protect the rider but as with many things they have also become a popular fashion item.